How to evaluate NBA James will change from No. 23 to No. 6 jersey again?

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According to a recent report from the US media Shams, James plans to change to the No. 6 jersey again next season, while the thick eyebrows will keep the No. 3 jersey. Later, sources from the league followed up the news, saying that Nike is already preparing to produce NBA player clothing and jersey products for next season, and it is basically confirmed that James will change to No. 6 again.
From a commercial point of view, it makes more sense to change the number. Nike agreed with James to change the number, which means that the sales of the No. 23 Lakers NBA jersey are almost the same. The sales bonus period as a commodity has passed. Considerable.

Furthermore, James’ movie “Space Jam: The New Legend” (the protagonist of the previous film is Jordan) is about to be released. In it, James wears the No. 6 jersey. A wave of commercial operations is coordinated to increase sales and get dividends.
As we all know, James is a star and a businessman. If you don’t maximize profits, can you still be called a businessman?

Changing the NBA jersey number itself is not an act of inhumanity. James will not be sent to the moral high ground to be judged by netizens. I wonder if you agree? Of course, whether the Lakers will retire the No. 23 jersey in the future, and whether there will be new thighs to wear the No. 23 jersey of the Lakers, this is also a point worthy of follow-up attention.

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