“It’s the most special number in my life” – the story of NBA star Klay Thompson’s jersey back number 11

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“Maybe I’m too naive, but I still think I should be selected!”

After the NBA officially announced the list of the 75 greatest stars in history a few days ago, Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson’s reaction was obviously not very satisfactory, so he wrote in a personal community post.

Interestingly, the Warriors later made a practice jersey with the number 77 for Thompson to “comfort” him in a humorous way, and Thompson couldn’t help laughing at himself after putting on the No. 77 jersey, “I’m The 77th strongest player in history!” (Because two of the 75 top players scored the same score, the final list is actually 76 players)

Of course, when Thompson returns to the court later, he will still wear the familiar No. 11 jersey. In fact, Thompson has been wearing the No. 1 jersey in the past when he was a student, and he didn’t change to No. 11 until he entered the NBA.

“I participated in the NBA draft in 2011, and the Warriors selected me with the 11th pick in the first round.” Thompson revealed the reason for choosing the No. 11 jersey in past interviews. Not only that, but he also mentioned that the initial “K” of his name Clay happens to be the 11th letter of the English language, and the home he lived in California when he was a child is also exactly located in the 11th house in the 11th lane of a certain block . In addition, on the record night of the 2016 battle with the Pacers, Thompson scored 60 points in only the first three quarters of an NBA game, and he only dribbled the ball just 11 times.

All kinds of signs seem to indicate that Thompson is associated with the number “11”, and it can even be said that he seems to be destined to be associated with “11”.

“For me, it’s really the most special number in my life.”

As for the current injury recovery status, it is reported that Thompson has recently started three-on-three training, “I feel good at the moment.” He said, “I really miss the feeling of playing in front of the fans. The process has made me more grateful and cherish the job I have, and it has also made me a better person. What I want to say is that the achievements of my career are not limited to this, and there will be many story chapters to come Write.”

Next, I look forward to Thompson, who will wear the Warriors’ No. 11 jersey, and return to the NBA court to make waves.

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