History of NBA jersey evolution – Houston Rockets

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The Rockets were founded in 1967 when their home court was in San Diego. The team’s representative colors are yellow and green, the same as the Seattle SuperSonics behind. At that time, the home jersey had a white background, with the words “ROCKETS” on a yellow background with green shadows on the chest. The away jersey was green, and the letters on the chest were the city name “SAN DIEGO”.

In 1971, the Rockets moved to Houston, and the team’s representative colors became red and yellow. The earliest home Houston Rockets jersey has a white background, a red “ROCKETS” lettering on the chest, and a yellow border on the neckline and cuffs. The away jersey is a red background with the word “HOUSTON” in yellow on the chest.
In 1976, the team fine-tuned the jersey and changed the lettering on the chest of the away Houston Rockets jersey to white. This design was used for nearly 20 years.

In 1994, the Rockets launched a new team logo and changed the NBA jersey design. The new home jersey has a white background with blue vertical stripes, and the Rockets logo in the center of the jersey. The away jersey is a blue background with white stripes, and the rest of the design is the same as the home jersey.

In 2019, the Rockets changed their team logo again. The new NBA jerseys come in three color versions. The white version of the jersey has a white background, and the red “ROCKETS” on the chest uses a more square font. The red version reverses the white and red parts, and replaces the neckline with black. The black version of the Houston Rockets jersey changes the letters on the chest to white “HOUSTON”, and the neckline is red.

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