Durant’s No. 7 is officially history! The Nets’ No. 22 show took over the mantle and the media spoofed KD jerseys

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On June 24, the NBA Draft officially came to an end yesterday. In the first round of the draft, the Nets first selected Noah Clowney with the 21st overall pick, and then they selected Dalizzi Whitehead with the 22nd overall pick. Earlier today, the Nets held a press conference for these rookies. Among them, the biggest highlight of the press conference is that the No. 22 show Dalizzie Whitehead chose the No. 7 NBA jersey. What you need to know is that the predecessor of this jersey is Kevin Durant.
Then the famous Nets media NetsDaily forwarded the jersey P picture made by the fans themselves. They changed the DURANT on the jersey to DARIQ.
Durant has played for the Nets for more than three NBA seasons. In the first year, he did not play a game due to injury. In the second year, he was eliminated by the Bucks in the NBA semifinals. In the third year, he was eliminated by the Celtics in the first round. The team swept, and in the middle of the fourth NBA season, Durant applied for a trade and came to the Suns. Since Durant was traded, he has not played against the Nets as a visiting player. Now as Whitehead chooses the No. 7 jersey, the two No. 7 players before and after the Nets will meet on the court.

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