NBA permanently retires No. 6 jersey in tribute to Russell

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The 88-year-old Celtics legend Bill Russell passed away due to illness. His departure shocked the entire NBA and even the American sports circle. With outstanding achievements, he also played a key role in the civil rights movement and left a rich spiritual legacy for the present world. Because of his indelible contribution, the NBA officially announced that the league will permanently retire the No. 6 jersey. So far, Bill Russell has also become the first player in history whose personal jersey number has been retired by the entire league.

According to media reports, in the upcoming 2022-23 season, NBA officials will also take several other activities to commemorate the legendary star. Specifically, in the new season, all NBA jerseys will wear a special patch on the right shoulder To commemorate him, every NBA court will display the number 6 logo on the sideline next to the scorer’s table. The well-known NBA reporter Shams Charania followed up and reported that a clover logo with the number 6 will be displayed on the NBA court.

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